Is Your Child
Coded For Success?

Robots are replacing manufacturing workers, automation is replacing service workers, and artificial intelligence is replacing white-collar jobs.

Welcome to the Algorithmic Economy.


DaVinci Labs equips students aged 9 to 15 with the Computational Thinking foundation required to succeed in the Algorithmic Economy.

We do this by teaching students to code in Python using robots as a learning platform.


Unique Learning Environment

Computational Thinking teaches students mathematical and logical clarity, data visualization, systematic thinking, and problem solving abilities.


Diverse programs
for all levels

Our programs are built around Python, a programming language used by leading tech companies.



You pay a simple monthly membership fee to access the Innovation Lab for up to 15 hours per week. No additional materials or equipment are necessary.


“My child has a better level of understanding in her math class. She told me clearly that the DaVinci coding program makes her feel comfortable and confident in math class.”

- Mother of a DaVinci Member aged 10.

“In the past, my child would choose to escape when he met with difficulties and as a parent I had a hard time teaching him to solve problems himself. This situation has improved after joining the Da Vinci Lab. He is willing to face and solve problems instead of escaping from them which makes me feel the wonders of this coding program.”

- Mother of a DaVinci Member aged 11.

“My child is a very attentive child, but his performance in school is not outstanding. After taking the Da Vinci coding program, he volunteered to do the PowerPoint production for the class presentation which surprised his teacher. Now he regularly assists others with computer issues and coding in his school.”

- Mother of a DaVinci Member aged 10.

“I like the teaching method and environment of the Da Vinci Innovation Labs a lot. Instructors will give instructions to children according to their level of understanding and inspire children to learn by themselves as well which is completely different from the existing teaching method in school. I like Da Vinci Innovation Labs a lot.“

- Mother of a DaVinci Member aged 12.

“The teaching methods in Da Vinci Innovation Labs are different with traditional teaching mode. Da Vinci emphasizes children’s training autonomy and develops their problem-solving skills. Da Vinci also encourages children a lot to ask questions, instructors in Da Vinci are like the children’s friends. There is no pressure in the class, and children can freely express their ideas which helps children develop communication capabilities, and to think from different angles at the same time.“

- Father of a DaVinci Member aged 9.

“Every time my child finished his class in Da Vinci, he is happy to share with me the results of today’s challenges, even when they were difficult. His father and I do not understand coding, but we do understand the great sense of accomplishment he has from solving problems and completing the challenges.“

- Mother of a DaVinci Member aged 9.


Get your child equipped for the future.

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